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Dec 9, 2017

for ICHC 2017

Conference Material Collection:

The first day is all about registration. Participants are supposed to sign in at the conference venue and collect all the conference materiails at the registration counter on this day. However, the registration is still open on the 2nd day of the conference(Dec. 10, 2017).

Dec 10, 2017

Openning Remarks&Keynote Speech

1. Openning Remarks
2. Keynote Speech
3. Group Photo

Dec 10, 2017



Dec 10, 2017

Author Presentation

Presentation (Oral/Poster)
Participants' presentations are divided into different sessions based on the conference topics; participants should be in the corresponding session room at least 3 minutes earier to copy ppt/pdf presentation into the laptop and get ready. Then Session Chairs are asked to introduce themselves and other presenters (briefly), and ensure that the session begins and ends on time. Each presenter has 15 minutes for presentation, including Q&A.

Dec 10, 2017 Evening Dinner
Dec 11, 2017   Academic Visiting/ City Visiting

Submission Method

Please submit your papers/abstracts by Electronic Submission System; (.pdf) before October 15, 2017.


Contact Information

Mr. Jack Feng
Conference Secretary

  • Tel: 86-28-86528478 (China)
    +852-3500-0005 (Hong Kong)
    +1-313-263-4817 (USA)
  • Email: ichc@iedrc.net

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